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Sweetener Huxol

After identifying a violation of the body's tolerance to carbohydrates, the endocrinologist recommends in the diet a restriction or a total ban on glucose. Sugar substitutes have a sweet taste, they are less calories. They are used to prepare diabetic dishes. What is unique about Huxol sweetener? How much should it be used? What are the nuances of using a combination product?

Alternative to sugar

It is known from the characteristics of sugar substitutes that they are classified into 3 groups: carbohydrate alcohols (xylitol and sorbitol); sweeteners and fructose. The first substances increase the blood glucose level in the body if their consumed amount exceeds 30 grams per day. Fructose is absorbed 2-3 times slower than food sugar. Sweeteners do not affect glucose at all.

The German company Bestkom produces the combined drug Huxol in liquid and tableted forms. It consists of the following ingredients: natural (stevia plant) or artificial sweeteners (saccharin, cyclomate). A sugar substitute solution is conveniently added to the dough during baking. The dosage of tablets has several positions from 300 to 2000 pieces, the volume of the drug is 200 and 5000 ml.

To navigate relative to regular food sugar, you need to remember that 1 tablet is equal to 1 teaspoon of sand. It is not necessary to make additional injections of insulin of a short spectrum of action at the use of sweetener.

The price of a sweetener on a natural ingredient is many times different from its synthetic counterparts. The artificial components of Huxol - cyclomate is 30 times sweeter than sugar, sodium saccharin - 400 or more. This is the main advantage of sweeteners. Substances are in the product in the ratio, respectively, 40% and 60%. Organic compounds are very sweet in taste, their smell is not determined.

Sweeteners have a number of restrictions on the use. The harm from saccharin lies in the fact that it cannot be used by patients with pathologies of the kidneys and liver. The prescribed dose of sweetener is no more than 3 tablets per day. If we consider that sodium saccharin in Huxole is slightly more than half, then, by making simple calculations, you can make sure that the daily dosage of the drug should not exceed 5 tablets.

Heat treatment of products and dishes containing Huxol slightly changes their taste. The sweetness persists, but due to the presence of saccharin, a faint metallic taste can be felt. Both sweeteners are not absorbed by the body and are completely excreted in the urine unchanged.

Many people who want to lose weight, Huxol helps to keep the taste of familiar drinks (compote, tea, coffee)

The benefit of the sugar substitute Huxol for diabetics is that it has a zero glycemic index (GI). Experimentally obtained figure suggests that when it is used, blood sugar does not rise. A portion of the product also does not contain calories. Therefore, it is indicated for use by diabetics with a body weight exceeding the norm, and for those who want to lose weight.

The relative norm (in kg) is considered equal to the difference in height of a person (in cm) and a coefficient of 100. A more accurate weight, taking into account the constitution of the body, sex, age, is determined individually according to special tables.

Consumers, it is important to pay attention to the shelf life of the product, taking into account the daily amount used, so that it does not expire before it is fully used

The nuances of the application Huxol

The economic benefit of using the product is that it is cheaper to use than regular food sugar. There are results of studies confirming the ambiguous positive effect of the drug on the human body.

Diabetic sugar substitutes
  • The carcinogenicity of sweeteners affects the fetal development of the fetus. Huxol is not recommended for pregnant women, children under 12 years old and older people after the age of 60.
  • Patients who use Huxol on a regular basis, indicate the occurrence of a sometimes uncontrollable attack of appetite. There is a state of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) due to the fact that the taste buds in the mouth quickly recognize sweetness. In fact, glucose molecules do not enter the cells. For a long time does not come from the saturation of food. There is a vicious circle: the portion volume increases, but it is impossible to lose weight.
  • With daily use of the same sweetener, as a rule, addiction occurs. Nutritionists advise to periodically change the drugs used as an alternative to food sugar.
  • The dosage of Huxol used is adjusted for patients with problems with the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, colitis, intestinal disorders). In diarrhea, the number of pills is reduced or dispensed with.
  • As a result of individual intolerance to the product, allergic reactions may occur in the form of edema, rash, itching. At emergence of symptoms use of Huxol is stopped.

The best recipes of dessert based on huksol

Curd buns

Sweet dessert made from choux pastry. It is prepared as follows: water (200 ml) is brought to a boil and butter or margarine (100 g) is dissolved in it. Add a little salt. Without removing from the heat, add sifted flour (1 cup) and stir constantly. The mixture is cooked for 1-2 minutes. Chilled to 70 degrees mass add eggs in the amount of 5 pieces (one by one).

Unsweetened choux pastry has a certain consistency. From too steeply mixed mixture, buns rise poorly. A very thin batter, on the contrary, is blurred. Baking grease with vegetable oil. A tablespoon of dough is laid out on it at a distance of 5 cm from each other. Kruglyashi will slightly blur, just occupying the allotted space. They are baked for half an hour in an oven at 210 degrees.

If everything is done correctly, the buns rise well, inside they are hollow. After making a small incision on the side, they put a filling in a small spoon: cottage cheese with added sugar substitute, to taste.

The packaging of Huxol, its upper part with a hole, depends on the format of the sweetener: the liquid has a convenient lid-cap

Whipped Cream

The proposed recipe has an advantage over the base, as it is less fatty than with the use of butter. Classic cream is prepared from fat cream (at least 30%). Adding gelatin allows you to use cream with a fat content of less than 20% and any kitchen fixture (mixer, combine).

Gelatin is soaked for 2 hours in a small amount of milk. Then the mixture is heated over low heat, always stirring. It is not brought to a boil and kept on the fire, making sure that the gelatin does not burn, until the swollen substance dissolves completely. Set aside the cream mixture for natural cooling.

At this time, you can add:

  • liquid Huxol (2 tablespoons) or 10 tablets, dissolved in a small amount of milk;
  • vanillin;
  • fruit jam on a sugar substitute;
  • coffee, cocoa;
  • liquor.

The product gets the taste of the used additive. The mixture is stirred for 4-5 minutes, poured into molds and placed in a refrigerator. Frozen sweet cream turns out gentle. It can be used for filling choux pastry. The flour used in the recipe needs to be translated into bread units (HE) for insulin-dependent patients. The calories of fatty foods (eggs, butter, cream) for the 2nd type of disease are counted.

The diabetic, sometimes eating sweet foods cooked with sugar substitutes, is psychologically comfortable, despite the need for constant therapy and diet. A happy state is classified as an effective component of treatment.

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